Depleted Uranium Case: Another millionaire compensation

Reparation sentences for depleted uranium victims begin to sequence.  This, for the Court of Rome, found for the disease and the death of a Sardinian twenty
years old soldier, the Defense Ministry guilty. The ruling obtained by Lawyer Angelo Fiore Tartaglia confirm, without mitigating, depleted uranium fault for the development of Hodgkin’s lymphoma that killed Sardinian soldier used in Balkans territories after the uranium bombs bombing. Another historic ruling that confirms the previous (Lecce military died in 2005) and
recognizes the harm suffered by each individual / family heir. The Italian Judiciary is also providing to a great historical truth- says the lawyer Tartaglia- in an acceptable timeframe, but with depth, that leave no doubt or no escape for those who have very specific responsibilities in the matter. Numerous other judgments are coming in various Italian Courts.
Now the truth about the uranium case is unstoppable and the relatives who have seen sons, parents, brothers and other relatives die, will have justice. The Observatory, who first shouted an alarm scream, remember that to date it has reported 2538 cases of which 178 deaths. The work that attend us ahead is still a lot but the results that we’re getting on push us to look at the future with great optimism. The Uranium Case has also inspired a movie that will be in Italian cinemas next May 7 “The last 56 hours” (“LE ULTIME 56 ORE”) directed by Claudio Fragasso, writted by
Rossella Drudi, produced by Heles Film Production of Carlo Bernabei and distributed by Medusa. To the film, besides the technical expertise of the MILITARY OBSERVATORY
Center Force, has been enjoied by some Officers that are really strucked by depleted uranium-related illness.


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